What is Perforated vinyl (Window perf)?

Window graphics (window stickers)

Window graphics (Window murals) is generally any type of graphics attached to the glass. It could stick to the window like cut vinyl letters & graphics or hang-on temporarily as a banner. Idea Graphic Design prints all kinds of window graphics in Houston metropolitan area with best quality and the most affordable price.

The most popular type of window graphics is the “Perforated vinyl” which is also called window perf, window mural, Window Stickers, one-way-vision vinyl, or generally “Window Graphics”.

houston window graphics perforated Our Perforated Vinyl print is terrific for storefront windows! This material features a 70/30 perforation vinyl pattern, meaning that 70 percent of the film is retained and 30 percent is removed. We have recently added 80/20 perforated vinyl to our line of products which gives us more printable area and less holes which results in more clear prints and sharper image quality. This meshy pattern offers enough print surface area for enhanced image resolution and color reproduction while retaining the film’s one-way visibility. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results.

window perf pattern

Window graphics, window clings and Window Stickers are great ways to turn unused window space into effective forms of advertising, dress up your vehicle windows, and help reduce energy usage at the same time. Window signs, window clings and window stickers are very common for advertising in fast food restaurants, Dental offices and medical clinics, Beauty salons, Retail Stores, new construction and remodeling, and all kind of businesses which have glass storefront and want to make a use for their front glass.

Window Graphics (Window murals) are also a great way to change the look of a store front in a dramatic way while reducing energy usage by reducing the amount of air conditioning necessary to keep the interior comfortable, without blocking the view from the inside of the office. Plus, it’s a guarantee that no one passing this business fails to notice them with large window decals like these.

Below you can see in action how Window Graphics are printed and installed :

Advertise your business by turning your windows into stunning displays with customized Window graphics.

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