Window Graphics Perforated @ Alegria Dental Care

We had the pleasure of working with Lovely Dr. Stefanie Sunnes DMD from Alegria Dental Care. She is an outstanding dentist with a great taste of art! It was delightful doing the Clinic window graphics of the Alegria Dental Care in Houston and the result was astonishing, as always. Bright blue colors are always soothing and calming for clinics and dental offices. This window graphic design made the Clinic look like a real welcoming Dental Clinic and for sure they will have an increase in walk-ins traffic into their clinic.

Window panes at Alegria Dental are fairly large 60″ panels for window graphic which makes the installation tricky, but larger size of glass works the best for advertising your work -FREE OF CHARGE- everyday all year long. Dental Clinic window graphics are one of the most economical and at the same time professional methods of advertising your dental services by looking elegant and professional from outside, feeling more safe in the clinic with the window graphics, and after all saving on your electricity bill during hot, long summer days!

By the way Dr. Sunnes is a great dentist. They accept most insurances and their job is awesome !

Dental Office Window graphics
dental office window graphics

 Dental Office window graphic

Window perforated vinyl graphics
Window perforated vinyl graphics


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